Frizz Fest is a Natural Beauty Festival created to fulfill the mission of Frizzy By Nature, to encourage self-love and inspire confidence among women, specifically Black Women. Frizz Fest is ultimately a space where the Black community feels safe, seen, and celebrated.

Frizz Fest celebrated its 6th year on September 16th, 2023 hosting 5,000 attendees. The festival supports and empowers the black community through a variety of ways. We support entrepreneurship and economic opportunity through our vendor and food market that hosts 70+ vendors and we connect the community to necessary resources through our Community Circle that features a variety of organizations.

Frizz Fest also supports the arts and artists in having a platform to display their talent and artistic expression, creating a space of joy and celebration for our community. We uplift our youth by creating a space for them within our Youth Zone that inspires creativity and enforces positive images of the black and brown community.

  • 70+ Merchandise Vendors
  • Food Trucks and Food & Snack Vendors
  • Community Circle with Local NonProfits 
  • Live DJ, Performances & Dancing
  • Beauty Lounge, Hair Show & Hair Demonstrations
  • Youth Zones with Fun Activities and Arts & Crafts
  • And So Much More!

Women of color are the primary demographic focus of Frizz Fest. In addition, all people from all walks of life are welcome at the event; we believe true happiness begins with loving yourself unconditionally and everyone deserves it.

We are invested in the well-being of our community, therefore we have created an environment where everyone is free to be themselves, express their uniqueness, celebrate their natural beauty, and indulge in self-love.

In addition, we provide economic opportunity for small businesses, creative outlets for artists, and a source of inspiration for the community.


All donation and sponsorship revenues received are used to defray current and future expenses of Frizzy By Nature, LLC’s mission.